• Expectation: Fans creep on Chanyeol
  • Reality: Chanyeol creeps on fans
  • Anonymous asked:
    So thn did Suho bought that navy blue and orange....or not?? Waiting for your reply:)

    Yes he did!^^

    yourhottesticecreamninja asked:
    sUuUU YOUR EXO FANACCS ARE LEGIT ADORABLE;u;! thanks so much for sharing them, had the most stupid smile going on as i read them daah SUHO IZ SAH PRESHUSS NEVER FULLY REALIZED IT BEFORE BUT YOUR FANACCOUNTS ;u; LOL ok apart from that, im hoping to visit london for 6 days in aug&was wondering, in ur opinion what's a decent food budget per day? jst like cheap street food or w/e.. i realize this is a really broad question, sorry! even just a general idea would be v. helpful though. sorry to bother!

    Thank you for reading my fan accounts, so happy you liked them!^^ ….Suho is soo cute and nice, i really hope more people start to like him, its breaking my heart when i hear he’s the least favorite in the group! ;;;;;;;;;;;;; …..(I’ll message you about the food question) ^^

    EXO-K going to their hotel restaurant for dinner! HD

    Really short fancam but they looked so cute especially Baekhyun!^^


    EXO-K In Oxford Street (London) HD Fancam (2)

    Exo-k walking around oxford Street in London!
    This was when i just got there so i was really shy and excited, i don’t know how Suho heard me from across the road!! XD


    EXO-K In Oxford Street (London) HD Fancam

    Chanyeol, Kai & Sehun at their hotel for the Kpop Cultural festival in London!

    The boys attending a dinner for the kpop cultural festival in London at their hotel!^^


    Suho In London Extra: Fan Account

    I forgot the best part. The day the boys arrived they came back down from their room to have dinner at the hotel restaurant. We waited around until after the boys finished. D.O, Baekhyun, Kai and Chanyeol went back up to their room with two of their managers while Suho and Sehun waited for desserts. We couldn’t see in side the restaurant but as my friend was making his way to the toilet, he said their was a glass door right where they were seating. We went up to take a look and saw Suho, Sehun and one manager siting at the table. Suho was facing the door, saw us all and smiled. We ran way as the manager saw us and we thought he’d get us kicked out. We spazzed out for a bit and went back, we just stood there staring and waving at Suho, when Sehun turn around and smiled too. A few people tried to record them but the manager said no so we took our posters out instead and started dancing around, waving them. Suho giggled and facepalmed in embarrassment hahahah he’s sooo cute. We ran way in embarrassment too but came back and saw him yawning so my friends told him to sleep and he giggled again. Their desserts came so we left the boys to eat, walked away and waited by the lifts. They came out of the restaurant five minutes later and made their way to the lift. I think the manager was annoyed because he was rushing them through the lobby!! They smiled and the doors closed. *please don’t re-post this and take it out of my tumblr, thank you*