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name: Sam
height: 5’2/157cm
eye color: Brown
birthday: September 29th
favourite color: Gray
best school subject(s): Textiles, Religious Studies, Art & English
current shirt colour: White Jumper
day or night: Night
religion: Muslim
gender: Female  
sexual orientation: Straight
single or taken: Single
celebrity crush: I have way too many but Taeyang from Big Bang is my number one right now lol
coffee or tea: Tea
favourite food: Italian

E. E. Cummings
Look what just came in the post!!! Yay~ THIS IS MY COUP D’TAT ♡.♡ BOTH ALBUMS ARE SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! !!
~Happy Birthday Lee Byung Hunny~

Can’t believe you will be a married man in a months time but you’ll forever be korea’s sexiest bachelor in my eyes. Be happy, be healthy and good luck on the release of Red!! …I love you and you will always be my favourite actor ♡


Whyyyyy god why i work all day on wednesdays ;;;;;;;;;;;;; im so sad that im going to miss the live chat. Actually debating if i should miss work for it loool

I love Rasa too much. He’s already on husband bias level and that took Taeyang 5 years wtf is wrong with me. I need a slap ;; but but its going to be english galore and Rasa always spits out random cute english. I dont want to miss it. Ugh why im i a adult with responsibilities.

I wont skype them coz id be such a mess and embarrass myself and thats not cute. plus im really shy so id probably turn the atmosphere really awkward hahaha ahhhhhhhh this is going to annoy me for the rest of the week.

Its going to be soooo good. All the members are cute and hyper plus Eden’s sexy english, yes please.


Ok. so I got this anon (quite a while ago lmao) asking me to do an Angel Thank You Awards , so here it is! I first joined the Angel Tumblr fandom in 2011 and I have honestly met the most wonderful , caring and most beautiful angels on here. As a fandom we have been dragged through poo-storms and back, but have managed to keep our heads up and have become stronger as a fandom. This post is dedicated to all the angel tumblogs (mostly 80%+) that are very special to me. Some have been with me since the very beginning , throughout all my lameass hiatuses. Some have become true friends and i talk to 24/7 on twitter / facebook / KKT and even gone to/ met up with at teentop concerts! Some have been with me at my lowest of the lows and have been there with me helping me through really rough times even though were miles apart ;;A;;. Some put in time and effort to make beautiful photo and gifsets for all of us to enjoy. Some take out time to post and help regularly update the fandom. Some actually take the time to appreciate my blog and genuinely when i see your name or your sweet messages i feel so blessed. Some i only see during angelchats on when new mv’s come out. Some i just talk about niels fat cock with and i thank you, genuinely from the bottom of my heart. Even though we might not be in a mutual follow it really doesn’t even matter (some blogs i talk to EVERY day and neither of us follow each other haha), the fact of the matter is that i appreciate you and what you do for the angel fandom and I want to thank you , so please check out these angel blogs if you want to follow special angels and if you love teen top ! . ps: Im really sorry if ive missed out some blogs, I’ve tried my best ;;A;; pls forgive, some i will put in my follow forever! , i hope we can become closer as a fandom so I’ll try and make special effort and not be so shy and lazy ;;~;; ♥ but yes. if you wanna drop by and unload on me be it teentop / real life shizz my ask box is always open ok?
(ps: im gonna do my first EVER follow forever Aug 22nd to celebrate an anniversary on tumblr and hitting 1500 + followers. Its also 6 days after fishies birthday hurrah! so i have loads more people to thank as i am a multifandom blog!!! so don’t think i forgot you guys. this is just for the angel fandom ♥ )

bold = mutual follows  italics = special mention ♥

*= closest irl chingus / special buttholes /nielwives

numbers n stuff



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We have so many fandoms and biases in common, probably more than anyone i’ve ever met But when i think of kpop, Teen Top, music, happiness ….i think of you! No matter where this life may take us, you will always be a special friend.

Thank you for making the first move, i love you su su~ ♥