~This video changed my life, happy 8th anniversary 8IGBANG~

[ ❀ ] meet the blogger:

name: Sam
height: 5’2/157cm
eye color: Brown
birthday: September 29th
favourite color: Gray
best school subject(s): Textiles, Religious Studies, Art & English
current shirt colour: White Jumper
day or night: Night
religion: Muslim
gender: Female  
sexual orientation: Straight
single or taken: Single
celebrity crush: I have way too many but Taeyang from Big Bang is my number one right now lol
coffee or tea: Tea
favourite food: Italian

E. E. Cummings
Look what just came in the post!!! Yay~ THIS IS MY COUP D’TAT ♡.♡ BOTH ALBUMS ARE SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! !!
~Happy Birthday Lee Byung Hunny~

Can’t believe you will be a married man in a months time but you’ll forever be korea’s sexiest bachelor in my eyes. Be happy, be healthy and good luck on the release of Red!! …I love you and you will always be my favourite actor ♡


Whyyyyy god why i work all day on wednesdays ;;;;;;;;;;;;; im so sad that im going to miss the live chat. Actually debating if i should miss work for it loool

I love Rasa too much. He’s already on husband bias level and that took Taeyang 5 years wtf is wrong with me. I need a slap ;; but but its going to be english galore and Rasa always spits out random cute english. I dont want to miss it. Ugh why im i a adult with responsibilities.

I wont skype them coz id be such a mess and embarrass myself and thats not cute. plus im really shy so id probably turn the atmosphere really awkward hahaha ahhhhhhhh this is going to annoy me for the rest of the week.

Its going to be soooo good. All the members are cute and hyper plus Eden’s sexy english, yes please.